about us

25 Years of Commitment to Sustainable Development

Masterpress is a respected manufacturer of eco-friendly paper bags that, since its establishment in 1997, has consistently pursued the promotion of sustainable development and responsibility in the industry. The company stands out for its commitment to delivering high-quality products that are also environmentally friendly. Specializing in the production of paper bags, Masterpress takes active measures to protect the environment, supporting its customers in ensuring a positive impact on the planet.

Custom Solutions for Every Business

Masterpress stands out not only for the quality of its products but also for its individual approach to customers. With a wide range of customization options, the company provides paper bags and envelopes that perfectly meet the needs of various businesses. Whether a customer is a boutique store, an online retail business, or an international e-commerce platform, Masterpress offers tailored solutions that enhance brand value and increase recognition. As a European manufacturer based in Poland, the company also guarantees secure logistics and order storage customized to meet customer requirements.

Trusted Partner for Local and Global Brands

The trust of customers and partners forms the foundation of Masterpress’s success. The company’s mission goes beyond delivering high-quality paper bags; it also aims to promote a sustainable lifestyle and business practices. Through dedication to collaboration with customers and integrity in business, Masterpress has gained the trust of international companies that have entrusted it with serving some of the most renowned global brands. This recognition of excellent service quality and business ethics positions Masterpress as a leader in the industry and an inspiration for other enterprises striving to achieve similar goals.

FSC certified products

We hold the FSC certificate (C1651180),
demonstrating sustainable forest management.

Compost OK

The OK compost HOME certificate guarantees compostability in home conditions, highlighting our commitment to environmentally friendly

Sedex member

The ethical production standards within the supply chain are confirmed by our Sedex profile.